Our Studio

We take pride in offering the best 3D/4D Ultrasound experience possible at our location...

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Ultrasound Packages

We have packages to meet everyones needs. Come experience a once in a lifetime moment!

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Welcome to My Baby

At My Baby You'll Be, we offer top notch scanning by registered sonographers that have worked years in the field and know little tricks of the trade to get you the BEST 3d pictures, most ACCURATE gender determinations, and most AMAZING 4d DVD's.

We also offer:
- A relaxing environment that invites you to bring all the family and friends you desire
- 20-25 minutes of uninterrupted scan time
- Hearing your baby's heartbeat as many times as you'd like
- Large screen TV for easy viewing
- Gender revealing parties
- Baby showers
- Maternity and Newborn photo sessions
- Heartbeat teddy bears, so you can record hour baby's heartbeat and hear that sweet sound anytime you'd like
- Multiple printed keepsake pictures
- CD of every saved image for downloading and printing ease
- 4d keepsake DVD
- Gender determination (if you choose to know)
- Free return visit if your little one isn't cooperating on the day if your gender determination, so you can have absolute confidence before buying a closet full of pink or blue

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